Christine Leal


 Often we go through life unaware of God’s hand of mercy and divine provision, and usually are brought to a breaking point that determines our life destiny.

This is Christine’s life story.

It was a relatively ordinary afternoon, when Christine found herself crying in her car, asking, “What’s going on with my life? Is this all there is; parties, drugs, alcohol, and bad relationships? I have no one to turn to. I’m all alone!”

Christine had freedom, money, and a lot of friends, and yet none of it was enough.

She wrestled with loneliness, emptiness, discontentment, and fear. She was hurting. She tried to fill this void in her life with drugs and alcohol, yet the void deepened with every passing day.

This was Christine’s breaking point. She faced her reality, and decided to do something about it.

When Christine walked into church again for the first time in many years, it was an ordinary Sunday that would begin an extraordinary life journey. In what seemed like a long time, she felt her life turn in the right direction.

The day of her baptism was one of many defining moments of her faith. She no longer harbored an unconventional fear of messing up, but rather felt the reassurance of God’s love and peace in her life. Christine’s focus shifted off of her fears, and onto Jesus Christ.

She wouldn’t want her life any other way because she knows she had everything to gain when she made the decision to live for Jesus.