Ab Garcia

Avid skateboarders are not only dedicated to the lifestyle, but to the art form of skating. For most, skateboarding is not a hobby, but a way of life.

This was Ab’s story. His life revolved around skate trips. He mastered the precision and balance of skating. Skating was a part of his identity. To give up afternoons, to attend bible study, was something he never saw coming.

He was a sophomore in high school, sitting in second period Spanish when he overheard a conversation  about bible study. Ab had no church background, and hardly ever thought about God.  But thoughts about God, creation, faith, and what happens after death started to flood his mind. He realized that he knew very little about these things, and wanted answers.

Ab was invited to the bible study. It was no coincidence.

This would mark the beginning of a new journey.

As Ab attended bible studies consistently, he gained greater understanding of the bible. And soon he started praying at bible study. This transition didn’t happen overnight, but was a slow process. However, Ab knew he found what he had been looking for.

As Ab took on a new identity that revolved around Christ, his life started to change. Skateboarding with friends was no longer his number one priority. Instead he wanted to be in church. His friends thought this was weird. But Ab didn’t care, because he found truth.

Ab embarked on a journey all alone, into the unknown. He told his friends about Jesus and the importance of salvation, but many were nonchalant about the message. But Ab did not falter. He built new friendships, which edified and encouraged him in his faith journey.

It’s been four years since that fateful day in second period Spanish, and this is Ab’s story. A hero for young people, who took the road less traveled, who abandoned cool for Jesus. The art of skating has nothing on this.