MAX MANLEY  |  Senior Pastor

Max Manley became the pastor in 2002 and serves as lead minister of preaching and teaching, providing spiritual guidance and overall church oversight.  In addition to prayer, missions, and expository preaching, his ministry emphasizes the practical and personal elements of Bible teaching – often with audience participation, object lessons, video, and humor.  An Ohio native whom God rescued from a life of drugs, alcohol abuse, and general debauchery and law-breaking, Max is a graduate of the University of Toledo (History) and Christian Life College (Bible & Theology), having a ministry journey that has ranged from bus ministry, jail chaplain, campus ministry president, youth leader, staff Bible teacher, itinerant preacher, pre-marital coach, pastoral counselor, seminar and conference instructor, and discipleship curriculum developer/editor (Campus Ministry International and In 1998, Max married his amazing and impressive wife, Deanna – an indescribable blessing both to him and to the work of the church. The Manleys have two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Jenna.  Gifted primarily as a teacher, Max’s goal as a pastor-teacher is to utilize the power of God revealed in Scripture to help everyone know God, live Biblically, and bless others.

JEREMY GALIMBA  |  Assistant Pastor

A loyal and gifted servant-leader, a worshiper of God who also happens to be one of Salinas’s best elementary school teachers.  The pastor’s right hand man in ministry, Jeremy serves as pastoral assistant, music team director/songwriter, and Bible teacher/preacher (often emphasizing disciple-making and apologetics).  He and his tremendously-talented wife, Sarabeth, are Life Group leaders, evangelistic Life Study teachers, mentors and encouragers to fellow believers in prayer and overall Christian living, as well as creative muses in the church.  In addition to his extensive history ministering to children, teens, and small groups, Jeremy now oversees the team that maintains our church’s online presence also.  All he does is to further the Biblical purposes to know God and make Him known!


JOHN DUBS and SAM WALLACE  |  Church Board of Directors

As deacons serving in the spiritual element of administration of church business, John and Sam provide a wise and steadying presence as generous and experienced men of faith.  These are elders who not only bring decades of spiritual and career experience into their formal offices in the church but also have proven to be role models for men wanting to witness strong, godly, and devoted Christian husbands, fathers, and grandfathers.  From hosting Bible studies and small groups in their homes – along with their equally strong, devoted, and hospitable wives (Tina and Betty Ann respectively) – to overseeing and participating in hands-on work for the church facilities, to cheerfully and prayerfully being among the most dedicated supporters of global missions and local ministry – John Dubs and Sam Wallace exemplify the term, “good and faithful servants.”


DEANNA MANLEY  |  Church Administrator

After an exciting and successful career outside both home and church, Deanna has since devoted her life’s work and considerable gifts to serving God, her family, and the church.  Her knowledgeable expertise in executive administration has proven as valuable to Life Christian Center as her spiritual ministry of teaching Life Studies and classes for both teen girls and women, her personal mentoring, her spiritual discernment and integrity, her “connecting” with those going through challenging times, and her gift of praying with those who desire the baptism of God’s Holy Spirit.  God has placed Deanna as a genuine pillar in His church – a true blessing to her pastor husband and to the work of God.


TINA DUBS  |  Church Treasurer

Tina is God’s servant – available in any capacity He requests.  In addition to serving in a role of discretion and skill as treasurer, she has overseen previous ministry efforts to children, co-hosted Bible studies, and has been a valued mentor to a number of younger women.  A faithful disciple along with her husband John, Tina’s ministry of intercessory prayer is perhaps her most vital service to the church.  Possessing spiritual discernment and a submitted heart of faith, Tina is a worshipful role model for those seeking to know how to walk with God faithfully.


JAINA GARCIA  |  Guest Services Director

Combining professional knowledge as an accountant with the enthusiasm of a former cheerleader, Jaina skillfully serves with zeal as our Guest Services Director.  In addition to her previous experience serving alongside her guitarist/scientist/tennis instructor husband (Joey) in promoting our Life Groups ministry, she is currently working as chief brainchild, organizer, and motivator for our present (and future) ministries designed to provide an excellent experience for every guest of Life Christian Center.  As a young mother - and sister to a brother with special needs, Jaina oversees Guest Services with an eye trained to maximize consideration for all our guests.  And if you are new to to our church, Jaina will be on the lookout for potential volunteers willing to jump in and work for our cause of everyone knowing God more.