Life Christian Center exists for everyone interested in knowing God more, and that includes families with children of various ages.  Scripture teaches that God has given the family first of all to shape the spiritual lives of our children.  God has also given the Church to assist the family in positively impacting children and to mentor kids in their knowledge of God.  Therefore, we aim to educate and equip parents while providing an environment for families to experience the life-impacting power of God together.  We will also strive to provide some peer-sensitive settings (e.g., specific classes, small groups, ministry groups, etc.) in which families can learn and grow, yet within a context that is targeted to be more age, gender, or stage-of-life appropriate.  


We desire children of all ages to be excited about God and His Church - coming not just to receive but also to give.  Therefore, the pastor’s Kid Ministry Team often participates in his Sunday sermon presentation.  As part of Sunday messages, this team has presented original songs, skits, videos, sign language demonstrations, classic Christmas singing, and interactive object lessons to proclaim spiritual truth to all ages in a fun way.  This also provides opportunities for parents and other family members to discuss and review the spiritual truths that their kids presented in church.  Even children who are newer to church or whose parents have elected not to come to church have been welcomed to participate in the Kid Ministry Team practices and Sunday presentations (subject to reasonable guidelines).


Speaking of teens, we believe that teens and older young adults are not only “the church of the future” but they are also capable of making a positive impact right now.  We believe those who are intelligent enough to handle things like middle school algebra, high school chemistry, college economics, and who may already be working a job are definitely smart enough and hungry enough to want way more than simplistic teaching or discussions about God and the major issues of their culture.  We believe teens and young adults have gifts, talents, and abilities that should be used to serve others as soon as practically possible.  So you will often see a number of younger individuals involved meaningfully in nearly every ministry at Life Christian Center.   



We must strive to learn, grow, and improve our equipping and strengthening of families with children, so our methods for bettering family discipleship may change from time to time if needed (without compromising our commitment to Scriptural principle or our church vision).  Training children may be the hardest and most important act of work, love, and service any of us will ever do.  We believe the church and the family must work and grow better together to instill the knowledge and character of God into our children.  Husbands, wives, single parents, singles without children, seniors, blended families, extended families, small kids, and all students…  Life Christian Center is about all families knowing God more!