Celebrating the Wins

We encourage whatever we celebrate.  Because of this fact, it is vital to celebrate “faith wins”.  We celebrate wins by replaying our own “God highlight reel” through remembering and sharing the stories of what God has done in our own spiritual journey.  Yet we also have to celebrate the wins of others, especially what’s happening in “real time” with new disciples, children, and those who have returned to God after a season of drifting.  It’s even worth celebrating when faithful Christians emerge from the “dark night of the soul” (however long it lasts) into a renewed sense of God’s closeness and their own renewed passion and hunger for the mission and way of Christ.  So whether it’s remembering our own highlight reel of wins or intentionally celebrating the wins of others, look to share and recognize the following:  

  • Conversion:  Believe (from the depths of one’s heart) and actively apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whether from a starting point of unbelief or coming from a background of anxious, legalistic religion.
  • Prayer:  Celebrate communication and communion with God in prayer - whether it’s someone taking the first steps of learning to connect with God to those establishing or recovering a consistent, enjoyable prayer life.
  • Faithfulness:  God is pleased by those who make and keep trust with Him.  Celebrate spiritual commitments at all levels - from the beginning of basic church attendance, serving, and giving to the establishment of daily habits and spiritual disciplines.  There is no true faith without faithfulness
  • Water Baptism:  Remember the spiritual encounter that led to baptism and the grace of God that flowed at that time while also rejoicing for each soul who obeys the New Testament command to identify their lives with Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism.  A big win worth celebrating!
  • Christian Fellowship.  Build life-giving relationships with others on God’s team.  Whether friendly acquaintances or running buddies to those in an inner circle of trust, building godly relationships builds the Christian and builds the church.  Being intentional about including others into a life-giving group or a regular relationship (even those at different stages of life) is a huge win.  God designed humanity - including those in His Church - to thrive in relationships.  Celebrate and increase the healthy ones.
  • Forgiveness.  Be like Jesus by giving up the right to hate or hurt those who’ve hated or hurt you.  Empowered by God’s grace, this next step frees Christians from lingering torment, bitterness, fear, and so many other unhealthy mindsets.  The choice to forgive others is a huge win that frees and grows Christians; therefore, forgiving others is a win to be celebrated.
  • Repentance.  God-driven life-change - a change of mind, behavior, and direction in a way that is often considered radical.  The turning from spiritual and moral darkness to the light of God.  Jesus taught that angels celebrate the repentance of one sinner; therefore, so should we.  The epistles teach repentance is for Christians too since we tend to drift toward ungodliness.  All repentance should produce rejoicing.
  • Worship: When we live a life of worship to God, this sets the stage for almost all other spiritual wins.  When a sinner stops worshiping the idols of this world to worship Jesus, this is a huge win!  Don’t underestimate how awkward or difficult it is for new believers to do something as simple as sing praises to God or lift their hands or even express emotion or exuberance in worship to God. It is massive. When the people of God intentionally worship Him through the pressures and distractions of life, that’s a win!
  • Discipleship:  Whenever Christians consistently hone their spiritual skills to become (by God’s grace) as Christlike as possible in terms of their knowledge, attitude, and behavior, this is fulfilling the mission of Jesus.  Christ’s goal is to have productive disciples who make disciples - not just believers, converts, or church attenders.  Completing comprehensive discipleship classes, Growth Tracks, and establishing personal disciplines are all part of the process to become solid disciples of Jesus.  Celebrate them all!
  • Serving:  Working with God to multiply disciples and increase His kingdom in health, production, and influence. Every individual who serves the cause and kingdom of Christ is doing the will of God, and that is worth celebrating.  Each attitude that shows, “It’s not about me, it’s about the mission!” is a big win!