Ethnic Cleansing

Romans 15:20-21 HCSB - My aim is to evangelize where Christ has not been named,  so that I will not build on someone else’s foundation, 21 but, as it is written: Those who were not told about Him will see, and those who have not heard will understand.

Most of us in America take for granted that everyone we meet has heard of Jesus Christ and knows some of the basics about the Bible and the Christian faith.  Increasingly, a post-Christian and secular America is becoming less culturally Christian, so the younger generations are far less familiar with even a basic knowledge of Biblical Christianity.  Soon the United States will represent one of the largest non-Christian mission fields in the world.  Given that most Americans are really Moralistic Therapeutic Deists (even if they call themselves Christians), we are likely there already.  Yet we Americans have churches in every community, Bibles in hotel rooms, religious broadcasting on radio and TV, and national holidays connected to Jesus Christ.  How much more a witness does God owe to the United States before all here are without the excuse of not knowing about the Gospel?  

On the other hand, there are still tens of millions of unreached and unengaged people groups in the world.  Missionaries, local ministries, churches, broadcasts, Bible translators, and other faith penetration points are desperately needed for those who are completely unfamiliar with Biblical truth.  25% of the world’s population are part of an unreached people group - those possessing little or no access to the Church, the Scriptures, or even a single Christian witness (  Though there are some organized prayer and ministry efforts to reach out to those who have no Bible in their language, no church, and no access to any Christian witness, the task is still large.  The need is great and sobering to consider, especially if you can imagine yourself being born into one of these people groups.  The question is simply, what will you do about it?  Whether consistently evangelizing those in a post-Christian America or dedicating your life to ensure that unreached people groups have access to the knowledge of Christ, what will you do?  Will you print out the top 100 unreached people groups chart for a prayer list?  Will you consider answering a missionary calling?  Ask God what He would specifically have you do.  Then just do it.

Matthew 28:18-19a NIV - Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations [“panta ta ethne", or all ethnic groups]…