Noah, a verbally-abusive drunk?

Noah is a hero of faith, memorialized in Scripture as a “preacher of righteousness” (Hebrews 11:7). Noah found grace in God’s eyes, living godly in the middle of a culture that was violent and morally corrupt. Noah was a godly man, a preacher of righteousness, an obedient servant of God. Yet after Noah’s heroism, Scripture records an incident of Noah acting inappropriately - getting drunk on wine and passing out after stripping naked. Noah’s son, Ham, publicized this embarrassment; then, Noah awoke from his wine and placed a curse on Ham’s son! Despite the reason for this account to show the history of the wicked Canaanites, the fact remains - Noah, a man of God, had an incident in which he acted like anything but a godly man.

Should we judge Noah’s spirituality - or his status as a “man of God” - based only on this troubling incident?

Is it possible that God prevents us from discouragement with ourselves by showing us that even heroes of faith have incidents of spiritual inconsistency?

When we see someone with a godly reputation mess up like Noah did, will we act like Ham (and gossip cynically) or like Noah’s other two sons who refused to focus on Noah in his lowest moment but covered him?