David, an adulterous murderer?

Perhaps David’s failures are highlighted as much as any hero’s in all of Scripture. The Bible refers to David as a prophet, a man after God’s own heart, the sweet psalmist of Israel, and Israel’s greatest king (aside from Jesus Christ). David’s love for God, faith, ministry, war achievements, and inspiration have few equals in Scripture. God promised David that the Messiah would come from his bloodline. And yet David carelessly and arrogantly took another man’s wife, then killed her husband and his platoon once she wound up pregnant! This was hardly David’s only example of spiritual failure, but it was one of the worst - and there were serious consequences. Yet God then inspired David to write what may be the most beautiful song of true repentance ever written (see Psalm 51). In his confession and guilt, David pled for God to forgive, to restore, to bring joy, to use him to teach and minister to others again!

How many of us would assume after failures so horrible and public that we have little or nothing to offer in terms of ministering to others?

How much confidence do we really have in God’s willingness to forgive and restore after horrible and public failures (whether our own or others’)?