Aaron, an idol-making racist?

Aaron, the older brother of Moses, served as spokesman to Pharaoh during the plagues and the Israelite Exodus from Egyptian slavery. Aaron was Moses’s “right-hand man” as they led Israel from Egypt toward the Promised Land. Yet, when Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Law from God, Aaron weakly gave in to the impatient and lustful mob that called for an idol to rally around. Aaron even helped build the idol! Despite angering God and Moses, Aaron truly confessed and turned from his sin…and God appointed him to be Israel’s first High Priest! Would we ever respect the ministry of someone who failed THAT horribly and THAT publicly? If not, are our standards of judging others higher than God’s? Even after his restoration, Aaron foolishly spoke against Moses because of his interracial marriage. Aaron’s racist rant (echoed by his sister Miriam) led to him challenging Moses’s spiritual authority. God was not pleased and disciplined Aaron and Miriam accordingly. Yet again, Aaron repented and was never removed from his ministry as High Priest.

Would we even respect any believer, any minister who expressed such open racism?

Do we disregard people after their failures even after they humbly repent?

Like Aaron, should we practice public repentance for our public failures?