Stairway To Heaven

Romans 5:1-11:  The Stairway to Heaven (Entering into and Remaining in God’s Grace through our Faith in Christ)

Be on the lookout for these two ways for God’s people will be tempted to fall from grace…

Hebrews 3:12-14:  Falling from Grace through Heart-hardening Sin Practices.

1.  Regarding attitudes, actions, or associations - what is a specific area in my life in which I am not being as careful as I should be?  The easiest way to measure this would include asking yourself what people, places, or behaviors seem to be turning you away from your most passionate and pure service to God. 

2.  Which of my beloved fellow believers seems to be allowing a hardness toward God?  Pray for the love, courage and wisdom needed to warn them against deception.  Let the Scripture address the specific problems and communicate by the Golden Rule.  Remember the main thing the Church is called to intercede in prayer for is one another.

Galatians 5:4-6:  Falling from Grace through Religious Legalism.

3.  Even though I believe the Gospel, do I still struggle with thinking that I’m accepted by God by my own spiritual efforts and religious rule-keeping rather than trusting the work of Jesus?  Viewing the level of your spiritual life based on religious performance rather than trusting Christ’s performance usually leads to arrogance or anxiety.  Faith working through love results in grace and peace.

4.  Do I struggle with judgmental attitudes or a critical spirit when other believers don’t live up to my religious “performance expectations”?  How can I demonstrate “faith working through love” toward those I would be tempted to unfairly judge or unkindly criticize?  Intentionally pray for whoever comes to mind while allowing God to direct you on how to love them well.