Use or Refuse?

1 Peter 4:10 NET - Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of the varied grace of God. [Often referred to as “anointing”]

God has shaped you if you belong to Jesus Christ. He has gifted you and allows talents or passions to arise in order for you to pursue them - not to indulge yourself but to enjoy serving Him and His purpose. God made you with a purpose. As you discover how God has shaped you and gifted you, you can be turned loose to serve not only with excellence but also with enjoyment. You are encouraged when serving in your areas of gifting because you have discovered who God made you to be (so you could do what He made you to do!). This is the key to converting the duty of serving into the delight of working together with God to make a difference. Remember, your gift will grow only as effectively as your character and spiritual health will carry you. You didn’t get to choose your gifts, but you can choose your character.

Don’t bury you gift out of pride because someone offended you - or because you won’t apologize for your own offenses. Don’t fail to use your gift to help others simply because you worked overtime or a late shift. Don’t fail to exercise that gift just because you feel tired - or because the kids don’t have soccer - or there’s a family reunion. Don’t fail to use that gift just because you have small children. And don’t refuse to use your gift except for when it’s convenient for you. God put you in the kingdom for such a time as this - to intentionally serve God and others with excellence that honors Him and loves His people. What gifts have you neglected that were used to honor God and bless others? Don’t you feel closer to God and more spiritually-alive when consistently exercising your gifts? Have you prayed for God to reveal the gifts He’s given you to serve with? What are you most passionate about - and how can you use that passion to bring glory to God, salvation to the lost, and health to the church?